L'Atelier Du Textile offers members of yours association, school, BDE or employees of your company, a collection of personalized textiles and accessories.

The products and the visual are defined with your team to offer you a complete collection. Marking techniques are defined by our team to ensure the best quality and a suitable budget.

We put ou know-how at your disposal to create with your team a collection that suits you. We also offer eco-responsible products.


Once the collection has been validated, we put your products on sale on our site for your members, students, employees, etc.

Two sales solutions are available for you :

A defined period

We choose together a period during which the articles can be ordered.

An annual shop

Throughout the year, your products are available for sale.

For schools or associations, we can define a fee included in the sale price to finance you projects, actions, ...


All our customization are made in our production workshop in Lyon. Customization Made in France.

Our workshop is made up of a team of professional in marking of textiles and advertising items.

Our different marking techniques adapt to your needs

We put all our French know-how at your disposal in order to offer you the best possible personnalization service. With several years of experience in customizing all types of media we are able to adapt to all projects, even the most complicated ! 


The delivery conditions are defined during the creation of the collection. Two option are possible. 

Carrier Atelier du textile

When creating the collection, we set a date together when all items will be sent.

If you order, then you will have to wait until the end of this period to receive your product.

Exemple :

We deliver to a location in one go.

Classic delivery

This option allows your customers / members to receive the products directly at home or at a relay point.

In this case, we define regular shipments, (for exemple : shipment every 15 days).

Exemple :

Your school / company / association have defined with us a sendind period every 15 and 30 of the month. Which means that if you order, you will receive your items at the end of each fortnight.